34” tall x 10” deep x 11” wide.

On a 1.5” x 12” x 12” black marble base.

Dark Brown Tango Bronze Sculpture with granite base. 

Ceramic Art

Hoag Hospital, The New Woman's Pavilion Tower, 
Newport Beach, CA

Brown Bronze Material

Dark Bronze Material

Stands at 62"

Bronze Material

Lucite - Black Base

Lucite - Black Base

Lucite - 42" High

32" tall.  Bronze

Fired ceramic with automotive paints on steel base.
52” h x 127” w x 15” d
Limited Edition of 75 .
Available in Fiberglass,...

32” tall bronze sculpture. 

Bronze with Granite Base

Automotive Paint on Fiberglass

Automotive Paint on Fiberglass
54" x 24" x 34"

Fiberglass on Steel

48" x48"

Bronze/Marble Base
4”d x 4”w x 14”h Limited Edition

Ceramic & Mixed Media