Cold Cast Polyester Resin
17"D x 38"W 
15 Pounds. Limited Edition AP/19

Bronze/Granite Base
8”d x 11”w x 32”h Limited Edition

13” w  9” d x 21: h

Ceramic Art

Fired Clay,
Acrylic paint and pigment, crushed glass and resin
 13”d x 16”w x 58”h


3 Dot Manufacturing,
Monarch Beach, CA
Italian Alabaster/Calcite/Stainless Steel base with maple veneer. 
Piece stands 5’-6”

Hoag Hospital, The New Woman's Pavilion Tower, 
Newport Beach, CA

Bronze/Granite Base
Partial Paint & Lacquer finish
70”h x 16”w 
Limited Edition

Bronze Sculpture
12’d x 12’w x 34’h 60lbs.
Limited Edition

“The Righteous of the Shoah”, is meant to focus our attention on those who assisted in the survival of Jews during the war, as the mother with...

Bronze/Granite Base 
32”h Limited Edition
3-Dot Manufacturing

12” w x 10” d x 24” h

26” w x 13” d x 38” h

Fired and painted ceramic artwork. 

13” w  9” d x 21: h

31” w x 22” d x 16” h


14” w x 15” d x 26” h

Fired and painted ceramic artwork. 

25” w x 25” d x 42” h

48” tall x 14” wide x 15” deep 
Fired paper clay finished with automotive paints
Solid aluminum base

24" w x 38" d x 57" h
Approximately 180 pounds
Mixed media, fired, glazed and painted ceramic, wooden beads, poly tutu, steel base...