About Barbara Nagel

In the last few years I have reassessed my approach to sculpture, abandoning stone and bronze for the lightness and spontaneity of fiber clay. Currently I am investigating visual literacy as a new global language. My current show uses the pillow form as a departure point for conversations with the viewer on dream states.  In much of our world, the pillow as a common object does not require definition.   It is my intention to provoke, humor and inspire the viewer by manipulating a common form charged with personal associations. My Architectural training largely influences my design choices, but the essence of my work can be found within the underlying conversation in each sculpture.

  • University of California at Los Angeles: Bachelor of Arts
  • Southern California Institute of Architecture: Bachelor of Architecture
  •  Southern California Institute of Architecture: Master of Architecture 


  • Myers Gallery Solo Show, Fall 2014
  • Florida International University Medical School, 
Art Initiative, Summer 2013
  • Long Beach Museum of Art, 2007
  • Port of San Diego Sculpture Show, 2006
  • Studio Gallery, solo artist, Irvine 2001
  • Bistango, Irvine, 2001
  • Sheraton Grande, La Jolla, 1999
  • Laguna Festival of the Arts,
  • Juried Show, Laguna Beach, 1998
  • Sculpture Spaces, Fountain Valley, 1997
  • Sheraton Hotel, Newport Beach, 1996